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Whytecli­ff Consultants Ltd can provide project management services for Control and Instrumentation (C&I) works.

Our consultants have experience in a variety of oil and gas works across oil fields, refineries and gas collection & liquefaction plants. The work spans managing electrical installations and control and instrumentation projects.

One typical project was for a major Middle-Eastern oil producing company that was shipping liquefied natural gas to global customers. The role was to manage the tendering, installation, testing and commissioning for the project against the background of an extremely challenging programme. This was compounded by the overall environment which encompassed locations including desert and marine settings within the overall extremes of the Middle East.

We pride ourselves in taking time to understand the needs of the client and to developing solutions that meet the requirements of budget, time and quality. Our mission is to help the client pull together all the technology expertise needed for the project and to integrate this into the overall project in a form that is simply understood by members of all disciplines.