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Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Data centres consume a huge amount of power. Server power densities are ever increasing and a single equipment rack can consume more elecricity than an average household.

The planning and design of data centres now need to ensure a high degree of e ciency, exibility and scalability. Whytecliff Consultants Ltd is a vibrant engineering consultancy that provides specialist project management and design services for large corporations in a diverse range of markets globally.

We have the experience to help you with the management, design, coordination and construction of data centres, telecommunications rooms and facilities used for the housing of mission-critical IT equipment.

Our people have been involved in numerous data centre developments for clients in the banking, education, hotel and leisure, government and aviation industries and can manage the entire process from assisting with the determination of requirements, the selection and appointment of consultants and contractors through to construction.

We can also manage the migration, consolidation, decommissioning and relocation of existing and new IT infrastructures into the new data centre environment.