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Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

The numbers of fl­ights are ever increasing and airports are getting busier. New runways and taxiways are costly investments and expansion is not always easily possible. Terminal gate parking is a compromise.

How do you optimise airspace and introduce new technologies whilst complying with ICAO's Global Air Navigation Plan? How do you increase runway capacity, reduce ground delays, improve gate parking efficiency and on time performance whilst maintaining safety levels?

We can advise, design and manage new redevelopments to air traffic and ­flow management procedures, arrival (AMAN) and departure (DMAN) management systems and airport collaborative decision making (ACDM). 

Whytecliff Consultants Ltd has a background of Air Traffic Control and Management and an extensive knowledge of airspace and airport design and development worldwide. We pride ourselves in taking time to understand the needs of the client and to developing solutions that meet the requirements of budget, time and quality.